Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hodgman to appear in [SPOILERS for a TV show]

Since I can't really specify this information in the opposite order on a Hodgman-centric blog, I am issuing (very mild) spoilers warning for anyone who watches television.


OK, John Hodgman is going to appear in an episode of Community!

Back in 2010, when asked who he wanted to guest star on the show, Community creator and executive producer said:
I've been trying to get John Hodgman on the show for some time. I'm a Twitter buddy of his. He even came by the office and visited me. I just enjoy the guy.
Now it's been confirmed in this Hollywood Reporter article that Hodgman will be in a late season 3 episode. Since Community is currently on hiatus due to NBC's schedule shuffling, Community is expected to return in March or April of 2012. The Hodgman episode could air as late as July or August.

Community's smart, fast-paced, creative brand of humor seems like a great match for Hodgman. If you've never watched it, it's an awesome show! To get up to speed for Hodgman's appearance, there are few recent episodes that you can watch on Community's Hulu page.