Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amazing Hodgman interview: Apple's Meet the Author

If you go to to the iTunes Store and search for "Hodgman", you will find, in addition to numerous podcasts and audiobooks, a special treasure: A Hodgman appearance on Apple's Meet the Author podcast. I did not know about this podcast previously, but now I love it. Basically, for several years, Apple had authors come to their New York City/Soho Apple Store and speak, just as they normally would as part of a book tour, and then they are interviewed by a moderator and field audience questions. Someone is there taking photographs which accompany the resulting podcast as a slideshow, and whoever puts these podcasts together chops them up into chapters.

What makes this Hodgman interview special is that the moderator is Elizabeth Gilbert, an old friend and fellow writer, who is able to tell great stories from John Hodgman's past: how he first started the Little Gray Book Lectures, how he evolved from a writer of serious literature to the Hodgman we have today.

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