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The Judge John Hodgman podcast

I loved the "Today in the Past" podcast, in which Hodgman read from the year's worth of historical pseudofactual entries from the 365 pages of his second book.

Now, that podcast has been replaced by the Judge John Hodgman podcast, available through iTunes or this feed. It's part of the Maximum Fun family of podcasts.

Here is a frequently updated list of the episodes (and evidence) to date:
  1. Is Chili a Soup? (note that this episode is just a part of a "Jordan, Jesse, Go!" podcast installment and is NOT available as part of the Judge John Hodgman podcast) - Download mp3
  2. Dish Soap or Hand Soap? - mp3
  3. Are Machine Guns Robots? - mp3
  4. Tear Down That Wall - Breaking The Fourth Wall, Yea or Nay? - mp3 (This is one of my favorites.)
  5. The Long-Necked Custody Battle - mp3 - video evidence
  6. The Lovely Couple - mp3
  7. The Lion's Den - mp3 - photographic evidence
  8. To Tree Or Not To Tree - mp3
  9. The Parenthetical Petition - mp3
  10. The Cone-tractual Dispute - mp3 - accompanying photographic evidence
  11. The Case of the Youthful Indiscretions - mp3 - accompanying photographic evidence
  12. You Say Martucci, I Say Martucci - mp3
  13. The Tahitian Take-Out - mp3 - photographic evidence
  14. Snob V. Slob - mp3 - photographic evidence
  15. Sesame Street Justice - mp3
  16. The Potluck Problem - mp3
  17. Parents Just Don't Understand - mp3
  18. The Colbert Rapport - mp3 - photos of the complainants
  19. The Ironman Trial-Athlon - mp3
  20. An Appeel-ate Case Decision - mp3 - The one about banana peeling
  21. You Say Tomato, I Say Justice - mp3 - The other one about pronunciation
  22. Tips, Tricks, and Justice - mp3 - Hodgman's Twitter summary: "Two gamers debate cheating with @morganwebb while I play colecovision." This is the episode where Hodgman talked about the George Plimpton's Video Falconry ColecoVision game. You can now watch the resurrected TV ad on YouTube.
  23. Arby's-tration - mp3 (Do cab rides and drive-throughs mix? Judge John Hodgman decides.)
  24. The Bedroom Three-way - mp3 - floorplans and relevant photographic evidence
  25. The Girlfriend and the Grasshopper - mp3 - photographic evidence and written testimony
  26. The Toot Dispute - mp3
  27. The Friendship Inquest - mp3 - The one about social networking
  28. The Battle of the Baton - mp3 - The one about the couple where the wife gets annoyed by the husband's faux classical musical conducting
  29. Justice is Out There - mp3 - The one about keeping action figures in their original packaging - [The guy in this one convinced me of his position with just four words.]
  30. Ob-Law-Di, Ob-Law-Da - mp3 - The one about the Beatles - [Repeat Offender Alert: These guys have appeared before in a "clearing the dockets" segment.]
  31. Garbage Man and Wife - mp3 - The one about taking out garbage - Starring Metafilter's mathowie in a special Minor Celebrity edition of the Judge John Hodgman podcast.
  32. The Cow Beef - mp3 - The one about the cow-obsessed dad - photographic evidence
  33. Hors d'oeuvres in the Court - mp3 - The one about bribing children to eat food
  34. De Plane - mp3 - The one about the correct protocol for filing out of an airplane [Correct answer: Maximize flow rate by fast people slipping into small openings and slow people waiting for longer ones. "Row-by-row" is inefficient.]
  35. Unbanded Brothers - mp3 - The one with the boisterous, buzz-marketing, bickering brother band.
  36. Beard Science - mp3 - The one with the college friends who played "beard chicken".
  37. Panta-Lunacy - mp3 - The one where Broadway show performers debate ownership of a pair of pants.
  38. Pepperoni Pauper - mp3 - The one where the girlfriend is embarrassed that her boyfriend sifts through discarded pizza boxes.
  39. Slash-Friction - mp3 - The debate over what constitutes a horror movie.
  40. The Abuse of Flower Power - mp3 - Domestic dispute between lesbians living in a storage facility.
  41. Out of REC-order - mp3 - The one where the guy asks his friend to DVR things for him, but then never watches them.
  42. Driving Miss Drowsy - mp3 - The one with the guys who drove from Santa Cruz to Brooklyn, where one claims to have experienced "car lag" symptoms due to shifting time zones.
  43. Triple Word Scorn - mp3 - The one about playing Scrabble online. This one also contains a highly recommended docket-clearing segment in which Hodgman addresses the question of what makes something "ironic".
  44. The Bedding Crasher - mp3
  45. Apocalypse Row - mp3 - The one where people sort of argue over what to do when civilization collapses and whether taking over the closest Wal-Mart is the soundest strategy.
  46. The Clap Trap - mp3 - The one about whether a band should encourage its audience to clap along with its songs.
  47. The Carry On Carryings On - mp3 - The one in which sisters debate whether about whether short people should be allowed to carry on bags bound for the over-the-seat luggage compartment.
  48. The Wonderful, Terrible, Terrible Towel Trouble - mp3
  49. The Master's Disaster - mp3
  50. Double Dog Dare - mp3
Video Evidence: Video of the robot giraffe from Episode 5:

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Posts about all the individual Judge John Hodgman podcasts are available at Maximum Fun: And here is the feed where you can get more JJH.

Other Judge John Hodgman appearances:

Hodgman is currently seeking disputes in need of judging from people attending the Solid Sound Festival in western Massachusetts this June. See his blog entry for more details and for how to contact him.

The SPECIAL, MARITIME LAW EDITION OF JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN from the JoCo Cruise [January 2011] includes the following segments: Seasonal Music vs. Christmas Music:

Brown Gravy vs. Cream Gravy:

And then there is this weird uncategorized encounter between Judge John Hodgman and Famous Tracy (still on the JoCo cruise), included for JJH completeness:

For now, that is all.

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