Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hodgman's moustache

Documentation of John Hodgman's moustache:

His 2011 moustache:
From his Twitter page.

His 1999 moustache: [Hodgman circa 1999]From here.

On Twitter, Hodgman says of his new look:
No, I am not playing Higgins in the Magnum PI reboot. However, I AM playing young Wilford Brimley in the upcoming prequel to Cocoon. - 14 Jan 2011

I speculate that Hodgman's fame has developed to the point that he has grown a moustache as a kind of disguise.

At the beginning of this Daily Show segement, his moustache has its coming-out party:

UPDATE: Hodgman's latest moustache Twitter:
Now I pass friends on the street without saying hello.

Them: "Hey! It's me!"

Me: "Sorry. I didn't recognize you with my new mustache."

March 20th Update:
It might have been hiding there before (and I just missed it), but now Hodgman has developed a serious "soul patch".
Here is a picture of @JennaStern and me at the Bell House. I ... on Twitpic

April 23rd:
Late lunch. I have manipulated my mustache into "SOUP EATING POSITION."
- @hodgman

Further mustache information: In an interview with the A.V. Club, Hodgman answers questions about his moustache.